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Albert en Yoka Hoogendoorn Albert en Yoka Hoogendoorn schreef op 11 februari 2019 om 18:09:
Dear Caroline and Kasper. We had a good time in our studio nr3 . The studio was all we needed and we did not needed the aircondioner because with the windows open there was enough cooling. We fed the birds a bit and had a lots of pleasure from them. We where able to rent for 3 days a car from Prins rentacar with the help from you guys. The car we used to explore the west coast of the island and visit all the beaches and some land houses We used the bus system on the island. Fast and good service from those people also. The store (centrum) was only only 8 minutes walk from our studio. Very good store with all kinds of Dutch food like krokets cheese and bamiballs etc. There was also a fishcar with herring , paling and makreel. If you in a good health and you are willing to walk a little bit the bus bring you in less than 20 minutes (including the walk to Willemstad for less than 6 guilders. Caroline we enjoyed to stay on your place for 2 weeks ( 27 jan - 10 febr.) 2019. We are happy to be back in cold Canada and wish you guys a good 2019. Regards , Albert and Yoka Hoogendoorn